When can I have coffee?

Now, you are used to having no caffeine after putting it down for 28 entire days! Your new, super-fueled metabolism will be better able to handle the occasional cup of Joe, but before you start sipping, ask yourself: Do you feel better, clearer, and more energetic now that your system has been caffeine-free for a month? Have you enjoyed using the money you would have spent on coffee for other things? If so, you might consider putting down the coffee for good — or you can explore caffeine-free coffee substitutes.

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    In phase 3 does almond butter with oatmeal meet the protein and fat requirement?

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    Suzanne Washburn

    I'm not certain about the coffee, I have one 8 oz cup a day and don't typically finish that, never more than that. I never buy it, I make it at home.

    I drink water all day the rest of the time, will miss my occassioal glass of wine but rather give that up than my one cup of joe. Thoughts?

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    sarah krimski

    I drink one cup of coffee a day - and I try to drink extra water. No alcohol at all - - but I do have the coffee after i eat breakfast

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