I’m allergic to some of the ingredients in the recipes.

 In that case leave them out, and substitute another item on the Burn food lists.

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    Sharon Desormeau

    I am allergic to ragweed therefore, should not have milk thistle in the h-burn tea. What can I use as a substitute in the tea?

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    Monique Leonard

    I am allergic to ragweed. Could you please tell me what tea could be used as an alternative on the H-Burn?

    I made the H-Burn Smoothie this morning...it did not look like the photo of the H-Burn Smoothie. Mine was reddish brown due to the beets. I followed the recipe. Just was wondering how the H-Burn Smoothie looks green in the photo. =)

    Thank you!

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    Can't find celery seed what can I sub for

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    Gerry Ginter

    I am also allergic to either the milk thistle or dandelion and had to stop the tea and throw it away. I see two others have posted a question as to what to do about this, but don't see any answers posted.

    I adjusted the ratio of beet to greens and my smoothie is still reddish in color, not even remotely green like the picture.

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    I am deathly allergic to nuts.What can I substitute instead of almonds in these receipts? I am going to be doing the I-Burn and the D-Burn.

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