I don’t like some of the ingredients in the tea/smoothie/soup.

 The ingredients in each Burn plan’s tea, smoothie and soup are specifically included to address inflammation, digestion or hormonal issues, and they are medicinal. If the tea is too strong, you can dilute it with additional water. You can even add it to your soup, if you like. For the smoothie, you can add stevia to sweeten it, or add cinnamon or ginger for flavor.

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    Can I eat the ingredients in the smoothie separately? Have the grapefruit on its own and sauté the rest of the ingredients and eat it that way? I've had the smoothie twice and find it very difficult to drink. I can't blend the sesame seeds to a powder so it is chunky and not at all enjoyable.

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    kathi brandt

    So would this be a yes to Cjamesbrown's question or a no...I have the same problem. and need to know if it is still effective, if I eat the grapefruit and seeds. and then blend and add the other ingredients to my soup?

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    Ben Allaway

    The tea is almost undrinkable. Maybe steeped/boiled limes too long? Can I add cinnamon or stevia/xylitol to the tea? Any other ideas to make it more enjoyable?

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    Other than chick peas, what other proteins can be eaten on the HBurn for a vegetarian?

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    I drink my I-burn tea with plain carbonated water. It really helps.

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    I am 66 years old and followed the Fast Metabolism Diet and did very well. I was following the plan one week out of the month. I now find that I am not able to get the scale to move. I purchased THE BURN and started it. I am doing the H-BURN plan but must say the smoothie is awful. I am gagging trying to get it down. I love all the ingredients but am not sure why the taste is so bad along with the consistency. I added more water and that makes it a little easier to get it down but wonder if others are having the same reaction. I have never had this problem with any plan I tried. Is there something I can do? I am using the Orange instead of the grapefruit due to medication. Any advice?

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