What are some brands recommended by Haylie?

You can find a few of Haylie's recommended brands below:

- Pasta party! Brands to try:

  • https://hayliepomroy.com/pasta-party-brands-to-try-on-the-fast-metabolism-diet/

- Bread winners: Sprouted grain and spelt:

  • https://hayliepomroy.com/bread-winners-sprouted-grain-and-spelt/

- Hot and cold: cereal choices:

  • https://hayliepomroy.com/hot-and-cold-cereal-choices-on-the-fast-metabolism-diet/

- Milking it: Non-dairy milk brands:

  • https://hayliepomroy.com/milking-it-non-dairy-milk-brands-for-the-fast-metabolism-diet/

 - Soup's On! Broths and stocks:

  • https://hayliepomroy.com/soups-on-broths-and-stocks-for-the-fast-metabolism-diet/



You can find a list of articles on recommended brands here: https://www.hayliepomroy.com/fast-metabolism-diet-resource-guide/

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